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The Nature Nurse

Nature Humbles

Every once in a while we like to share a blog that we found very moving. This week our guest blogger is The Nature NurseThank you for reading and enjoy.


By now most of us have witnessed the catastrophic damage that Mother Nature has wielded on our planet with ferocious hurricanes in the United States and a deadly monsoon in Asia.  As I watched the destruction, loss of life, and cries for help, a question entered my mind. I wrestled with it in my soul for days.  How can I profess that nature heals when all of this is happening?

I hold the intention to blend the art of caring with the healing power of nature.  That is the mission of The Nature Nurse platform I created.  This question created inner conflict swirl inside me. I let it swirl inside, as I jumped in to try and help the nurses on the front line of Hurricane Harvey as best as I could. by creating social media discussion aimed at sending them support and resources.  I believe if we want to help the people in these disasters, we need to keep their healthcare team strong.

The nurse heroes selflessly volunteered to step in and care for patients in need, leaving their own families and the unknowns behind.  They remained steadfast for days without relief and sometimes without coffee, water, or needed supplies.  Throughout it all, they posted a few pictures of their team with huge smiles and words of gratitude that they were going through this experience with the most awesome team possible.  They cheered when relief nurses from around the country arrived via military black hawk helicopters.  When the waters finally started to recede, they acknowledged the stress and exhaustion as they headed home to assess their own situations- if home was still there.

One might think that what would follow is their list of complaints.  Perhaps there were, but I didn’t see any sign of that.  Instead I saw nurses who made it through the storm with a new set of eyes.  A deeper appreciation of what mattered.  An excitement and expression of people coming together regardless of color, status, and gender to help other people selflessly, often risking their own lives.

​That is when my ‘aha moment’ came-Nature Humbles.  That is how, in this situation, nature is healing.  Healing the rifts in our society.  Proving deeper meaning to our lives.  Giving us a greater sense of purpose and appreciation.

This is not to say that there wasn’t major loss, especially loss of life.  As of this post, at least sixty people have lost their lives due to Hurricane Harvey.  We even lost one of our own nurse tribe members, Colette Sulcer, a 41 year old surgical nurse who drowned while her three year old daughter clung to her.  Her daughter was rescued.

​The tremendous energy exchange that occurs when a hurricane is formed is intended to cool the ocean.  Nature is only trying to repair the global warming damage that scientists believe we humans have caused.  So it stands to reason, if we want nature to rebalance in a less violent way, we need to work together to heal her.

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