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Nurse Burnout – The Silent Job Killer

Nurse Burnout – The Silent Job Killer
Nurse burnout was slowly killing my love for my job as a nurse. It was a silent killer that grew gradually day by day. It just seemed like I started to dislike my job more and more. I started to feel lethargic about coming to work. The utter joy and compassion that I had experienced in the beginning of my career started to fade day by day. This is dangerous because as nurses we are the symbol for compassion. […]

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5 Ways to Get Unstuck, Open to Opportunity and Choreograph Your Dance

Now is a great time to begin reflecting upon the past year, the challenges you have risen to, those you avoided and the goals and opportunities calling you in the new year. In the last 20-30 years nurses have been developing new specialties such as nurse coaching, end of life doula services (separate from hospice employment), expert witness services for litigation, in addition to APRN’s hanging out their own shingles. Today there is wonderful business support for and by nurses for those who decide to make the leap for independence. […]

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Nature Humbles

Every once in a while we like to share a blog that we found very moving. This week our guest blogger is The Nature Nurse. Thank you for reading and enjoy.


By now most of us have witnessed the catastrophic damage that Mother Nature has wielded on our planet with ferocious hurricanes in the United States and a deadly monsoon in Asia.  As I watched the destruction, loss of life, and cries for help, a question entered my mind. […]

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Empower Your Self by Addressing Your Eating Issues

For some of us Self care around food and eating creates a conundrum. Competent and successful in most  areas of life, if you cannot stop eating when you are full… or despite knowing a lot about nutrition, you are unable to apply that information, you may have an eating disorder and you are not alone. According to the ANA Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation website, there are 3.6 million nurses, and we “are less healthy than the average American. […]

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Take Refuge in Your Professional Ethics

Your professional ethics support you when you lean on them with skillful speech. Professional behavior takes you on the “high road” by employing integrity. As a professional you are honest, do no harm, competent, accountable, and self-regulated. […]

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Talking to Your Best Friend

What you think and how you talk to yourself may not be audible to others, but does influence your deeds and words affecting not only you but others.“Don’t forget to turn off the lights, Honey”, read my friend’s note to herself at the  door. The aha for me was that I could talk to myself the same way I talk to her, and it has been a rewarding process.  The Sufi, Buddhist and the Yogic traditions offer us the 4 Gates of Speech to help us before we speak to ourselves and to others. […]

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Facing Your Biases For Better Nursing and Self Care

The nurse role offers you a wonderful way of deepening your experience with others and yourself as you meet your self care needs. “Back in the 1980s, Salman Rushdie wrote that the defining figure of the 20th century was the migrant.” A few month’s ago the institution I work for offered a diversity training which began my awakening to my own unconscious biases. Recently combining HeartMath and a 21 day challenge to increase my experience and understanding of inclusion sponsored by Kindspring.com , I discovered that inclusion involves an intimacy with my own biases. […]

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American Horror Story: “Ratched”

“Sandy Summers and the “Truth About Nursing” have provided information about the planned Netflix series reviving the image of “nurse Ratched,” once portrayed in the infamous film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  Sandy Summers is the leading voice on nursing and the media, and her analysis of what is in the works is a “must read.”  So head on over to her post now to learn the facts, and about important ways to participate in activism on nursing and the media.”   https://nursemanifest.com/
September 8, 2017

Netflix and Ryan Murphy plan two-season […]

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