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Refreshing Yourself, Boosting Your Energy and Improving Your State of Mind


Water, beautiful , clear, fresh water— a wonderful source of a health for you at work, for our friends and neighbors far and near and for our Beloved Earth.  April 29,  2017 was  the date of the People’s Climate March in Washington DC and one of the hottest days in April on record in our capital.  There were signs everywhere. Small cardboard signs, billboards, electric signs and people with microphones reminding everyone to, “Stay hydrated”. Staying hydrated with clean water is essential for our patients, for ourselves and for our dear Earth. […]

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Finding Your Peeps- Belonging Is An Inside Job

The feeling of belong is yours and it is inside of you. It makes a difference in your happiness.  Love and belonging follow the basic physiological and safety needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Working collaboratively, on interdepartmental teams or interdisciplinary groups can be painful and consequently stressful if you’re feeling like you are on the outside. […]

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INS on A Mindful Emergence Radio Show

Every Monday evening on WPVM FM 103.7, Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner present A Mindful Emergence from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. I was the guest this week and what a wonderful time I had discussing this work. Here is a link to this week’s program for those of you who’d like to get an idea of what the program is like. […]

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Nurses and Bees: Care of Pollinators Is Essential

The parallels between the nursing profession and bees begin with the need to understand both through the lens of holism, as I discovered when I became a beekeeper last year. Both are mostly female, hard working and essential to the well-being of large groups of people. Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession with more than 3.6 million registered nurses practicing nationwide. Most health care services involve some form of care by nurses. Honey bees are responsible for 80 percent of the pollination of about one-third of the human diet . […]

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Practicing Gratitude is Self Care

Gratitude is a form of Self care that benefits yourself and can be shared. My 22 year old client PS was pouting, sulking and complaining because something he wanted did not arrive in the mail. He was sharp in his responses to his parents who did everything they could think of to cheer him up to no avail. […]

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Compassion Satisfaction ≠ Vital Exhaustion , Burnout or Compassion Fatigue

Let’s clear up any confusion about the terms we have been using in the last 3 weeks. You explored Vital exhaustion-  you were encouraged to see what comes up for you in terms of your experience. Then you addressed measuring your experiences of compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue, burnout, and Vital exhaustion to receive an objective reflection of what you might be experiencing, undoing any shackles of shame, fear and denial to move into the solution. […]

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Increasing Your Compassion Satisfaction

Last week I suggested we would compare Vital exhaustion, compassion fatigue and burnout. Now, I think it might be better to do the measurements first, so you can get into the solution and then come back to discussion.  Compassion satisfaction is a sweet and happy place to be. Some of us live in that space a lot and for others it is fleeting. It is that sense of fulfillment and well-being. It is the positive feeling you experience as a result of knowing you did a good job. […]

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Vital Exhaustion

When I heard Roshi Joan Halifax use the term Vital exhaustion I had a visceral experience of recognition. A profound part of me resonated with those two descriptor words which are also a metaphor. Experimenting with the term, trying it on so to speak for the last few months, I am sharing it with you to help you nuance your understanding of where you may be at in terms of Self care, burnout, compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction. […]

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Time to Celebrate

In our monthly Vitality Circle, we were sharing about working with the affirmations that were provided at the start of the VIP program (Vitality in Progress: Healing and Preventing Burnout for Nurses). Working with and building upon strengths in you and in the environment means doing more than just recognizing your successes and good work. It means taking the time to celebrate you and your accomplishments and victories. As a nurse, you often have the privilege of seeing the big picture. You see the patient/client in the context of their environment. […]

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The Paradox of Self Care

Recently a new level of intensity may have been added to your already busy schedule when the possibility of the loss of health care for millions of Americans arose.

The paradox exists in taking action now and polishing the virtue of patience to consequently see the long view. How do we do both? First, it’s important to get the facts. This takes time. Second, as my holistic nurse colleague, Trish Rux said, “take your MEDS. […]

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