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Savor & Celebrate Each Step Of The Way

As a nurse, you acknowledge and celebrate the successes of others as they learn new skills, improve their healthy behaviors, or do well after a surgery. You may be getting kids to their games, classes or practices and showing up at your partner’s business functions, in addition to preparing meals. You get to work on time or maybe even early. […]

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The Potency of Self Care Retreats

When was the last time you refreshed yourself with a retreat? Recently I returned to work from a 4 day retreat with a sense of optimism, contentment and emotional fullness as a result of engaging with the nourishing processes that supported my inner wisdom. Retreats and vacations are similar in that you take time away from your normal responsibilities. Both can be uplifting and renewing.  However, whether you take a “staycation” (not going away) or a vacation, the focus is usually outward- new people, places and, new experiences or working on projects in your home environment. […]

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Are You Grounded?

When you passed the NCLEX, you proved you were intellectually competent to provide care in the Western, allopathic health care industry. Your nursing interventions are grounded in evidence based on research and optimal outcomes. However, to survive or avoid the trauma of burnout, you need to be grounded in other ways. It is essential that you have or develop the qualities of being emotionally, mentally and spiritually grounded in addition to being educated. […]

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Ending Procrastination

I used to crastinate. I did it so much I became a procrastinator!
Procrastination is the act of putting off or delaying what needs to be attended to. Are you avoiding making the assessment and diagnosis? Have you defined your Self care needs and are you procrastinating their implementation? You can apply our beautiful and effective nursing process or caring process to yourself.
So often it works as well for us as it does for our clients/patients.

I’ll bet you don’t waste time with your patients/clients before implementing the interventions that address the given diagnosis. […]

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Four Rivers Endings and Beginnings

We know the quality of one’s nursing practice, the presence and authenticity one brings to those in our care is influenced by our understanding of the events that happen in our lives. How you end your day is as important as how you start your day. You can affect the start of your next day and even your next 24 hours, by your preparation for restoration and sleep.

I am excited to share with you a beautiful new practice I am using that is a nourishing way to end the day. […]

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Saying No Is Saying Yes to Yourself

Nurses week has come and gone. How do you keep alive the celebration of yourself and the beautiful work you do as a member of the health care community? Once again it comes back to your own Self care which means sometimes saying No without feeling guilt or shame. You are a family member and a friend as well as all of the other roles you may have. […]

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Creativity- A Key To Your Wellbeing

Today’s health care institutions need creative and innovative solutions.
Nurses need to think creatively, to experiment, to take risks, and to innovate.
You are creative because you are human. Humans are infinitely creative. Throughout history in groups and as individuals we have invented tools, developed ways of survival, produced beautiful pieces of art, literature, theatre, music and dance. We celebrate concepts with theories and ritual. We study the cosmos to discover how and where we fit “into the scheme of things”. […]

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Refreshing Yourself, Boosting Your Energy and Improving Your State of Mind


Water, beautiful , clear, fresh water— a wonderful source of a health for you at work, for our friends and neighbors far and near and for our Beloved Earth.  April 29,  2017 was  the date of the People’s Climate March in Washington DC and one of the hottest days in April on record in our capital.  There were signs everywhere. Small cardboard signs, billboards, electric signs and people with microphones reminding everyone to, “Stay hydrated”. Staying hydrated with clean water is essential for our patients, for ourselves and for our dear Earth. […]

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Finding Your Peeps- Belonging Is An Inside Job

The feeling of belong is yours and it is inside of you. It makes a difference in your happiness.  Love and belonging follow the basic physiological and safety needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Working collaboratively, on interdepartmental teams or interdisciplinary groups can be painful and consequently stressful if you’re feeling like you are on the outside. […]

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INS on A Mindful Emergence Radio Show

Every Monday evening on WPVM FM 103.7, Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner present A Mindful Emergence from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. I was the guest this week and what a wonderful time I had discussing this work. Here is a link to this week’s program for those of you who’d like to get an idea of what the program is like. […]

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