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I Accept My Power to Heal

I Accept My Power to Heal

Healing is a process in which a transformation occurs. It manifests in terms of a change in relationship– a change in relation to a set of symptoms and a subsequent change in a state of being. The relationship can be how you relate to yourself, how you relate to someone else or how you relate to a situation. Generally speaking, you don’t heal others. You can however, facilitate their healing by aligning yourself with the intention for their highest good supporting them energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally.

We cannot force healing in another or even ourselves, but by staying open to the possibility of transformation for others and for ourselves, we invite healing. In a physical wound, we create a healing environment by cleaning it, encouraging the development of new tissue and eating well to support the body’s ability to transform the wound through the healing process towards wholeness. The healed area may not look like it originally did, but new skin is formed, and there is a different functioning.

Accepting your power to heal means recognizing 3 steps and taking them

  1. Can you accept the situation as it is currently occurring?  (Whether or not you like it- it is the way it is.) If you cannot accept the situation as it is, then how you get to that place becomes a preliminary step.
  2. Can you recognize that the situation is designed for your growth in some way? With this attitude, all challenges and situations that we may label negative become opportunities for deeper understanding of ourselves and others.
  3. There is a power that heals and how do you access it? Answering this question means articulating for yourself the nature of this power, and seeing how it is manifesting in your life through your intentions, talents, skills and circumstances.

Let’s look at 3 healing scenarios through the above lens.


I noticed that I spoke to myself with greater criticism and meanness than I would ever do with another person. Salaried and working extra hours every week for several years, I became critical and driven with a perfectionism that made me irritable and less available for my family. The management was aware of the under staffing situation as it was a source of complaints from nurses.

1.Finally, I realized the situation would probably not change until I made an internal shift and got the courage to speak up.

2. I told my supervisor I was putting my license at risk, and that I could not offer the quality care the agency expected and that I wanted to give for such a huge caseload. I informed my colleagues I did not want to burden them with the assignments I was not taking, and suggested they speak up also. I was doing this with the hope that more staff would be hired despite my fear of repercussions, as no one had ever done this before.

3. The healing that resulted began inside of me. I was speaking with greater understanding and kindness towards myself and on behalf of others. My ability to connect to colleagues and the management team was already well established. In using this platform to speak on behalf of patients and staff, I became a more outspoken, valued and respected member of the team. Eventually, there was a reassignment of the work districts and eventually another nurse was hired. Who knows if the external changes would have occurred without my speaking up.

The point here is that a healing process occurred within me and subsequently influenced other aspects of my work and life. The symptoms of irritability and feeling stressed for time began to dissolve. I had found my voice and courage to speak my truth on behalf of those we were caring for and my colleagues.

Interpersonal Relationship:  For years my daughter had been upset with me for a reason unknown to me. There was tension between us whenever we spoke.

1. I accepted that she was not going to talk about it, was not going to change and healing in our relationship could happen if I made an internal shift.

2. I began to explore my own issues with my mother in my childhood which changed my relationship with myself. I saw my possible responsibility in our disharmony.  An opportunity arose for me to share a deep apology for not being able to be the kind of mother that she seemed to need at the time, and for that I was deeply sorry. We both cried. It was healing for both of us.

3. My commitment to being a better mom and my intention to facilitate an improved relationship were the source for accessing the healing power. The relationship changed, and both of us had deeper understanding of our situation and less pain.

Pain Management: As a Certified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, the 3 steps look like this:  A patient was experiencing  excruciating bone pain and the pharmacy would not deliver the morphine for hours.

1. I centered myself and invited the patient and his wife to share their concerns and asked if they were willing to work with energy to gain some relief from the pain.  I aligned myself with their wish to have pain relief and a prayer, “Let this work be for the highest good of (name), guided by their guides, Higher Self, the Divine. Allow me to stay open to the guidance of my Higher Self and Love. Let me provide it to (name) without restriction.”

2. I made my energy assessments and provided the treatment, aware that I was facilitating a healing, an increase in comfort and wellbeing and hopefully a reduction in disturbing symptoms. The wife wanted to learn, so I taught her. We did the treatment together.

3. Using our bodies, minds, hearts and emotions to create a healing environment and channeling energy, the patient reported a significant change in his pain level, and fell asleep. The wife continued the treatments in the weeks ahead, stating that the energy work decreased his need for morphine, and kept him mentally clearer. In this scenario the nature of the healing was an increase in peace and calm for the patient. For the wife, she was empowered to provide comfort which gave her comfort.

In summary, healing reduces suffering because the causes of suffering are addressed. When there is acceptance of the situation/symptoms, transformation can occur, though it might be subtle and hardly visible. (I don’t know exactly what happened to the patient’s pain, but both he and his wife grew through the process.) And finally, in all the scenarios, with intention, the healing energy was accessed, and healing occurred. It was a felt experience.

Please share with us.
Do you accept your power to heal and what does it look like?

Vitality in Progress: Healing and Preventing Burnout for Nurses  program has 13 declarations and affirmations that create intentions and pathways for transformation. One of the declarations is I Accept My Power to Heal.

The next start day for the program is January 22, 2017 and upon completion the nurse receives 39 CNE’s from the ANCC. More information

With Love,


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  • Elizabeth Scala January 9, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Amazing examples, Padma. I love the relationship one. Sometimes it is true- it is so hard for us to express ourselves, yet that leads to even more tension when we do not speak about it. I love how your process helped you handle this difficulty and come out the other side. Sharing this great resource with others!

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