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Reframing is So Empowering!

Reframing is So Empowering!


Reframing shifts the focus from the problem to the solution
an aspect of resilience

Reframing is a creative aspect of resilience. It can be integral to recognizing options and possibilities.  As a practice, it is useful in confronting challenging situations. You are the director and the videographer of your life. By changing the angle, changing the shutter speed, and giving yourself different images, you can empower yourself by choosing a different perspective. Reframing can shift the focus away from the problem and help to create a solution.

The sacred profession of nursing offers opportunities to serve others and honors the human right to health care

We feed our families and make a difference in the lives of others and the health care industry.  You can grow, deepen your understanding and connections by seizing reframing opportunities. You can also address balance, commitment,  and other personal habits and workplace issues.

dvp4964381_p21Example: Staffing is short and I am on this case to provide care for John, his family and the agency until a night nurse can be found. The family would prefer a night nurse instead of a day nurse.  John’s health issues are not in my specialty. His disabilities are profound and his devoted parents have very specific ways that they want nurses to provide care. I found myself grumbling and not very happy at work. I left their home and headed on to the next case. Something inside, an inner voice said, “Reframe the picture — you will see other options and you will find happiness.” I remembered the quote, “Happiness is an inside job”. In that moment I realized I wasn’t trapped. “There are always options.” The voice reminded me; “some you might not want, but there are always options.”

What’s the life lesson here? I realized that I could welcome this situation and find gifts that are not obvious. Wanting to be happier and to provide the best care possible in this challenging situation meant reframing the situation. I shifted the focus from outside to inside of me. I started talking to myself with kindness and openness. “I can request a change” (not practical at this time); “I can learn new skills”, perhaps, but most importantly, I once again felt empowered.

Another example:

There was a decrease in staffing. We were being mandated to work extra shifts and we were losing many of our benefits. The situation changed when we were able to create a nurses union. By reframing the issues and recognizing the strength we had in our numbers, we were able to advocate for better nurse/staff ratios, better working conditions and increased benefits. We changed our inner landscapes and consequently changed the outer landscape.  The path was not easy, but it did become more fun and it certainly had a positive impact.

Today I am in a new and different situation:  I am a Nursepreneur; It is not easy, or comfortable.  I am keeping “my day job” while I’m learning the skills of social media, marketing and sales. In reframing, I am finding opportunity in the difficult. There are opportunities to help nurses prevent and heal from burnout. There are opportunities to impact the local hospital nurses as I present a new program that I’ve created. There are opportunities to meet people I would never have met before. I’ve been polishing the virtues of patience and compassion.  Happiness is happening as I practice talking to myself with kindness and I continue to find happiness in the happiness of others.

Life has fascinating ways of providing personal and professional challenges that are also opportunities
I grow, heal and serve
I mature emotionally, spiritually, and mentally

How do you visualize your challenges? How do you relate to your own thoughts? Do you believe everything you think? What are your experiences with reframing. Maybe you are already doing this but you call it something different…. Let us know.

Take care of yourself.

With love, Padma

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