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Revitalizing Yourself With Micro Breaks and Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, started in Japan in the 1990’s, is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. However, if you are busy, unable to make the time to walk in the forest, there is research showing that taking micro breaks of 40 seconds, and simply looking at nature decreases mistakes and improves productivity. This week I hope you will give yourself time to tune into nature with the following videos. Relax and enjoy your connection to nature and yourself.

The queen bee surrounded by her court as she lays eggs in one of our hives! Who is in your court protecting you, guiding you and nurturing you?   (44 seconds)

Balance is something we practice. Even the sound of the rushing water can bring you back into balance as you watch Michael work. (6.9 minutes)


Louie Schwartzberg says we protect what we fall in love with.

You are a part of nature. How do you take care of yourself and your environment? (7.48 minutes) You can improve your attention and your state of being by taking mini breaks, even changing your screen saver can be a start. How often can you gaze out of a window? When was the last time you were in nature? Do you have living plants near you? What kinds of pictures do you have at your work station?

Do you have stones, crystals or a miniature zen garden near you?

Please share with us what you do to reduce your stress as it relates to being in nature…

You can also join Self Care for Vitality 

Free Virtual Connecting Weekly Call-in for Nurses
Wednesdays 6:30 – 7:00 pm
Phone 712-432-3066         Pin 177444
There is a short guided relaxation, followed by a short time for silence
in community and optional sharing.
We present tips and strategies for Self care on a variety of topics such as:
Setting boundaries, balance, healing, self love, vulnerability, and other topics as they arise.
It’s free to all and you can join in with a share or just listen in.
Have a great week being in or with nature.
With love, Padma

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