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Values~ Intention….Commitment

Values~ Intention….Commitment

Integrity, honesty, and surprise are aspects of the commitment adventure when you know and honor your values.

Intention precedes commitment and is grounded in your values. Your intentions have a certain somatic feel unique to you. Notice the sensations in your first and second chakras when you reflect on an intention that is particularly important to your value system.

I discovered this recently as I felt impelled as a nurse and as a woman to go to the Women’s March in Washington. Truth, justice, kindness and doing no harm are some of my core values. Core values touch every aspect of your life and are a source of guidance, for both personal and professional decisions. When those values are threatened you can notice bodily sensations that let you know whether or not you are living in alignment with them.

When you don’t pay attention to your “voice within” as it speaks to you about your alignment with your core values, your sense of wellbeing and joy becomes stressed. I stayed in a job 3 years longer than I “should” have because I refused to listen to the messages. For 3 years my spirits dragged, no longer excited to go to work, I did not want to acknowledge burnout, and just kept pushing through. When I became so miserable I felt I could not go on one more minute I finally submitted my resignation. Wow, once again I felt in alignment with Truth, Justice, Kindness and doing no harm. I was once again happy. Because I did not have another job waiting for me there was also fear of the unknown. I summoned the courage to take the time to reflect, heal and listen inside for the next steps.

And, here I am! It is now my intention, honor and good fortune to offer support to my colleagues and the nursing profession. As one of more than 3,400,000 nurses, the largest group of health care providers, my voice has a place in the choir of healers, concerned citizens, and nurses. Finding that authentic voice is fraught with challenging feelings and experiences which I am embracing because I am fully committed to my next step.

When you are fully aligned with your values, committed to your intention there is a sense of vibrancy, joy and being in integrity within yourself. Even if the results are not what you initially expected, there will be a sense of “okay, what is the next step towards actualizing this intention?” With this kind of intention and commitment, your actions produce results, some of which are surprises in your journey.

Mental intentions are easily forgotten. For example, how often have you decided to get something from another room and when you got there, couldn’t remember what you went there for? When your intention is connected to deeper aspects of your psychic/emotional self, such as your heart, or gut, you are connected to your values. You may get distracted, but the intention does not go away. When you don’t honor it, you are reminded from within- with dreams, physical symptoms, and feelings. You might experience more stress and act out in ways that remind you of your misalignment, such as eating to cover the feelings, snapping at others or becoming depressed. There is a felt quality to misalignment which you can recognize when you pay attention. Paying attention means spending time with yourself and listening deeply. Some use prayer, meditation, walks in/with nature and therapy. How do you tune into your deepest self and how do you feel in your body when you are in alignment with your values?

Commitment to your values can reveal and clarify your intentions. Honestly recognizing your intentions gives you a deeper understanding of your situation and guides you to your next actions inside and outside.

Integrity, honesty, and surprise are aspects of the commitment adventure when you know and honor your values.
Please share with us challenges you have experienced regarding staying in alignment with your values, intentions, and commitments… Since we will all benefit from your share… thank you in advance!

With love, Padma

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