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Integral Nursing Solutions

Integral Nursing Solutions provides holistic, nurturing, and transformative healing support to individual nurses and institutions through workshops and programs.

4 questions from Angeles Arien, cultural anthropologist, educator, and award winning author. The Four Rivers of life that nourish us and help us to grow.

1. River of Inspiration. What and/or who inspired you today? In what way or how?
2. River of Challenge. What challenged you to leave your comfort zone? Did you accept the challenge?
3. River of Surprise. What “came out of the blue” today for you?
Staying aware of these mysteries of life can help you move in new directions.
4. River of Love. How or in what ways did love touch you today?

Stock Photo“Why do some nurses leave the bedside and eventually the profession? Ask any nurse and the answers are varied, but common themes seem to ring true for most …Poor Management… Underpayment… Lack of Upward Mobility… Too Many Tasks, Short Staffing…”


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