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Did You Wear Your Hat Today?

Did You Wear Your Hat Today?

Maybe you are a mom, a dad, a spouse, a gardener, a student, a dog owner, or the daughter of a parent with a chronic illness.
Maybe you’re a person with a physical ailment, a sister, a volunteer, a concerned citizen, a nurse, or nurse employee. You might be a grandparent or self-employed. Maybe half of your roles are not even mentioned. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, when you take off most of your hats to rest and restore yourself there is one hat I’d like you to consider more carefully: What did your Self care hat look like today?

Did you take your break?                                                                                    Yes         No

Did you get a chance to spend some time in nature?                                    Yes         No

Was your self-talk kind?                                                                                     Yes         No

Did you exercise?                                                                                                 Yes         No

Did you drink enough fluids?                                                                           Yes         No

Did you use the bathroom in a timely fashion?                                            Yes         No

Did you stick to your food plan?                                                                      Yes         Nobaseball-cap

Did you smile and/or laugh today?                                                                 Yes         No

Did you get enough sleep before waking?                                                      Yes         No

Did you journal?                                                                                                   Yes         No

Did you have quiet time to meditate/contemplate/pray?                            Yes         No

Did you listen to beautiful music?                                                                      Yes         No

Did you consider your gratitudes?                                                                      Yes         No

Did you remember your hat today?                                                                     Yes         No

Copy this list and check it before tucking in at night. If your Self care hat was a bit askew today you can set the intention for a better fit tomorrow. Of course you can add and subtract from this list….

Please share with us the components of your Self care hat.

With love, Padma











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