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Transitions- Reclaiming Your Well Being and Strength in Nanoseconds

Transitions- Reclaiming Your Well Being and Strength in Nanoseconds

Skillfully navigating transitions is an opportunity to reclaim your connection to your Self. Are you aware of how you transition from sleep to waking and from work to after work?

Sometimes I wake up and dive into my morning routine-mind empty and content. Other mornings the  outside to-do’s and other circumstances make it a struggle to approach the day with enthusiasm and ease.  Some days zoom by and only at the end do I realize I was focused on things  outside myself rather than what was inside; reacting rather than responding.

You influence your internal environment by your attitude and actions. The foods and other substances that you put in your body, what you choose to look at and listen to; your intentions and which thoughts you pursue all have an impact.

The external environment is different. You do not control the weather, what others are thinking, another person’s intentions, kids’ waking with sore throats in the night or the stops, starts and flow of traffic.

Transitions,  the moments in-between events, are useful times to notice, explore and appreciate because this is your chance to influence your inner state. You can find ease, greater enjoyment of your precious life and Self and increase your efficiency. These nano seconds are important.


When transitioning from sleep, take a moment to enjoy your breath. Remember or think of something for which you are grateful. This practice will impact your morning and potentially infuse your whole day with Self-care.

As a practice, this keeps you in control of your internal environment. Just setting the intention to notice your breath, or to become grateful can make a difference. During the day, washing your hands can be another transition time.  This practice of appreciating the breath or feeling gratitude, returns you back inside where you are truly nourished and you can feel your wellbeing and strength.

Transitioning from a crazy work day to after work or home can be challenging because you may have used up your stores of compassion. You might feel the urge to numb out or just push on to the next thing. Pausing in the transition moment can shift your focus. If nothing went well, at least you can appreciate that you are still breathing before you cross the threshold. Moving yourself into a place of Self-care, once again you are in control. You are always in charge of your inner state.

Transition times are pregnant with potential

I am taking the Vitality In Progress: Healing and Preventing Burnout for Nurses.  One of my Self-care tools is to do something other than eating upon returning home from work. This was not only a way of transitioning into the next activity but a numbing habit. When I was honest with myself, I realized it was an ineffective attempt to return to an internal locus of control. Since I have changed that habit, doing other things in that transition time, I am more energized, more productive and… now eat when I’m hungry. I appreciate my food more when I am not eating as a method of transitioning. A new sense of well-being and strength has emerged– wow!

Please share how to you keep your energy up and your frame of mind fresh from the beginning to the end of the day as you navigate many transition times. How do you shift from one activity to the next in your busy day.

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Sending you blessings for awareness of your transition moments.

With love, Padma

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